Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 19 My Closet Re-do =)

If you read my bedroom post you most likely noticed there was no dresser! We keep everything in our closet!

Here is my closet before, it is not really unorganized to the naked eye, but it is not at the top of it's game! All of my shoes are stuffed in a clear bin, I have stuff on chris' side, I have one of those ugly storage bins that are in the garage in here with my scrapbooking stuff. Chris has also stuffed his shoes and clothes into clear storage bins and has to un-stack them all the time to get things out! The top of the closet just is exposed with randomness.

Can you guess what Joshua is building for me?

Meanwhile Joshua is building I start working on the closet. So everything comes out, I re purpose one of the clear storage bins for under
the bed game storage, give one to our neighbor, and stack the gray Sterilite tote in the garage
with the rest of them!
Then we put everything back in with some new organizing bins! And......


Up Next: My Closet Detailed!


Shelby said...

Girl I have been having computer issues, but my DH fixed so I am catching up:) I organized the kitchen, working on other rooms and cleaned the carpets:)

Logan Family said...

Shelby, I am so retarded what does DH stand for?? I see it all the time I guess I could just google it! I am glad you computer is working again though =) Great job! What kind of carpet cleaner did you use?