Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Meal Plan: Mondays

On Monday our family eats a dish from the "Meatless Mexican Family"

A Taco Salad with rice, beans, corn, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, cheese and tortilla chips.

Quesadilla's with rice beans and cheese inside. with some tomatoes, guacamole and cucumbers on the side!

I will have to admit my family doesn't seem to like meatless mexican night, so I may have to change this plan if they continue to take tiny bites and starve the rest of the night and then eat 3 bowls of cereal the next morning!

These recipes are not hard at all I made them up all on my own...lol!
Taco Salad
1)Lay all the tortilla chips down
2) Spread out lettuce or spinach on top of chips
3)Put rice and beans on top cooked and warm of course!
4) Cut up vegetables of your choice (onions, peppers, tomatoes cucumbers, avocados) Whatever you think would go good with Mexican food. then put those on top
5) Sprinkle cheese on top

1) Warm up tortillas with beans, rice and cheese on the skillet
2)cut up vegetables of your choice again to put on side
3) The guacamole was just avocados mushed with red onion a few squeezes of lime juice and salt!


fancy nancy said...

I would eat this at your house....looks delicious!!!

Jenn said...

The kids or the hubby? Everything looks great to me. My daughter used to hate broccoli and after 2 yrs. I guess she finally one day decided to like it, so don't give up. Just found your blog through MSM, and I look forward to it every day! Would love if you would share some recipes....if you have time.

Logan Family said...

Thanks Fancy Nancy =)I think it is really good! I think my boys follow their dad though if he didn't have a bad attitude about meatless mexican night I think they would be more likely to eat it! Welcome Jenn =) I will add the recipes for you =)

Jenn said...

My husband is a lot like yours, there is no way he would eat one single meal "meatless". This is a huge part of our grocery budget. And my 10 year old is getting to be the same way!

Melissa said...

My husband is the same way! I usually end up having to add a tiny bit of meat somehow. When we do any type of salad I will usually cube up some chicken or turkey, add bacon bits, etc. Tonight we are having lentil soup (no one in my family loves it but me...) and I'm adding a diced up kielbasa.

Logan Family said...

Well I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who has a hard time getting their hubby to eat a meatless meal, I have even made black bean burgers before and he would just drown it in ketchup! My oldest son is such a carnivore too, He is always saying "I just love hamburgers and hotdogs" two things I don't even buy!I have to add in sausage or something when I make vegetarian chili =) I just don't see the big deal about meat needing to be in every meal???

Martina said...

My Hubby always complains to if there isn't any meat in meals, my boys 2 and 4 could care less, as long some food is served. My Husband will never say anything about meat less in front of the boys, and makes them try everything. We spend about 20 dollars a month on meat, and so far its been enough to satisfy my hubby.

Logan Family said...

I wonder why men like meat so much? I wonder if Noah and his sons were so excited when they got off the ark and God told them it was okay to eat meat?...lol