Thursday, April 26, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 19: Clean Windows

Today's assignment was to clean all your windows, window sills, blinds and curtains!  Lucky for me I only have 9 windows in our whole house =) 
However I ended up spending 2.5 hours on the windows!

 First we started by dusting the blinds.

Christian and Noah were pretty ambitious with helping for about 10 minutes or so.

 I started this project before putting away the kids math lesson.....Joshua did not help out with the windows he just played around and made a mess with coins =)

 We cleaned all the windows and got into the groves with a q-tip. Then I even went outside and with my step ladder to clean the top outside windows. ( The parts I could reach anyway)

Then I got a little over ambitious and just took all the windows off! and cleaned around all 4 sides of them!

 I couldn't stand to have clean windows and really gross window frames.

 So those got a washing too!

 When we did our home inspection it was noted that only 3 out of the 9  windows stayed open! Since we made a cash offer on our home for 8% off the asking price the previous owners accepted the offer only on the condition that they would not fix anything.  We got an estimate for new windows from Lowes for $2,200! I am glad we didn't get the new windows because we really needed that extra savings these last 6 months! When I was cleaning the windows I noticed there were 2 of these things inside the window frames with all the dirt. Then I found the spot where they go!  Then of course I went and tried to fit them into the windows that would not stay up!

 We had just been putting a book or two under the That little piece fixed the window!

 Now 6 out of 9 of our windows stay open! Praise the Lord. Can you just see the breeze coming in the window now?  I am hopeful if I go to a couple hardware stores I can find some more of those pieces! Does anyone know what they are called because I can't seem to find them online anywhere???

 We have really cheapy blinds in our room and some of them have broken off. 

 Then I came up with a plan....I borrowed some slabs from the bottom of the blinds.

Now they look much better =)

Now after all of that I don't think anyone could convince me to wash any of the curtains!


Shelby said...

Love it, love it girl. I don't know but if you know the name of your windows or can get the number I bet you can call the manufacture and get the part sent.

Jenn said...

oh my gosh you need to share how you get so much done. How long do you school for? You make my back ache just reading!!!

Rhonda said...

Window cleaning is on my to list. You almost make it look fun.

Logan Family said...

Thanks Shelby. I looked all over all the sides of the windows and could not find a number or a name. The only name I found on any of the windows was the home security system from the previous
Jenn, I have been writing my goals in the morning and it really seems to help =). My oldest is the only one who is "school age" he turned 6 last month. So he is in Kindergarten. I usually do school for about 2 hours =) I know next year will be much different though!

Chelsea said...

Oh my... you pass with flying colors! I can't believe you broke the q-tips out and everything. Good job on all of your hard work. What a blessing that your windows stay up now!

Anonymous said...

if you take your little "window part" to lowes or a hardware store they can sometime find you a part to match:)
also i am so impressed your kids can entertain themselves for so long while you clean! mine would not therefore i have many unfinished projects!

Logan Family said...

Thanks Chelsea, I broke out some tooth picks My neighbor who is a macanic came over and looked at the window piece and said he had seen them before at a local hardware store and would pick them up for me today! If he doesn't find them, I am going to take my photos of the piece to the store and ask for some help =)

Anonymous said...

Those little tiny pieces are called a few things.

Of all things window stays

Locking pins
Safe locks
and there are a few other nic names for them take them to an ACE hardware store with the name brand of your windows the men should be able to help.

Locking pins I believe are the most common name.

I am old school so I guess I just thought everyone did all this type of cleaning every year.

I did not know we needed "assignments" in order to get spring cleaning done.

But then again I am 60 so what do I know anymore.

I am just shocked at how you all seem to follow Crystal when it is obvious that she has so much help and does not really know what she is doing anyways.

Logan Family said...

Okay great I am googling the wondow stays now with no luck I will have to go the store and check for them. Crystal has set a good pattern as a home keeper, and I enjoyed following this challenge =)

Anonymous said...

i must tell you that i could not get my mind off the fact you cleaned inside the window between window and screen. it looked so nice when you were done. i kept telling myself it would be too hard for me to do that.
well guess what?! today i did it. it was absolutlely disgusting and had not been in years but all 11 window seals look great!!
thanks for posting your results. just the encouragement i needed to get my job done:)

Logan Family said...

I am so glad you got it done. What great motivation to get the month started out right!