Thursday, April 19, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Plate Holder Turned Mini Shoe Rack

Do you remember last week when I blogged about my new closet maid in the master closet? Well I had a bit of an "improper storage" problem with the shoes being stacked on top of one another. I was hoping to figure something out sooner or later to fix this problem.

Then I was walking down the isle at Walmart and the light bulb came on! I love when the lightbulb comes on ! This is supposed to be for your kitchen plates to maximize space in the cabinets. However I saw a shoe rack for my closet maid cubby hole! It was only $5 and some change =)

Perfecto! It fits and works great. I was not really feeling the white though.

There is nothing a little spray paint can't fix right?

I got one for my sandals too =) Remember when you are looking to organize something and browsing the organizing isles at Walmart, Target or Garage sales always ask your self what else could the item be used for. Who knows you might just find yourself a shoe rack =)

Since I am talking about shoes I will show you my only pair of dress shoes that became very worn out! I have had them about 2.5 years and these are my only ones so they got a lot of wear! Well the back heel stared falling apart and scraping the back of my heel =( and the leather was very expanded. I have wide feet and I wore these when I was pregnant with Rachel too!

It was time to go get me a new pair because I didn't have another pair of dress shoes in my closet to switch too! Crazy I know but I like living this way: not having too many options in my closet makes things easier for me =) Rachel came with me to Macy's because I still had a $30 balance on a gift card two sweet friends gave me before Chris came home from Afghanistan to buy a special outfit. All I ended up buying was the blue shirt I had on in the reunion pictures =)

So I only spent $9 out of pocket on Saturday and I am hoping that these will give me at least 2 years of service =)

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