Thursday, April 5, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 4: Clean Under Furniture

Today had a slow start because Chris left for work and the kids woke up before I finished my bible reading and before I started my workout! Sooooo....I ended up not getting dressed until 12pm! As for my shirt that makes me feel great....This is just a $3 Walmart shirt but I like it for some reason in fact I have 3 more in different colors! I know I am a plain jane....
My goals today outside of my normal routine would be to finish reading my notes, quotes and poems book and do Taebo!
The getting rid of 5-7 things a day task..I have a hard time finding things that we are not using in the house because I already have 2 bins in the garage that I use for unwanted items and post on craigslist or ebay constantly, so this week I sold 3 things on ebay and one thing on craigslist from my garage bins. I did today however put one thing in the garage bin a size 2T winter coat that will not fit Joshua next winter! Then clean bathroom in 15 minutes...
I just did a quick clean of the bathroom wiped everything down, swept and emptied trash.
Onto Day 4 assignment!

I moved all the furniture that I was strong enough to move and found some missing things =)

Under Rachel's crib we found two missing picnic basket toys and a hair bow!

Then Christian helped vacuum !

Behind the boys bed I found some race cars, game pieces and a puzzle piece!

All vacuumed up under the trundle bed!

Under my bed was really clean, most likely because I just posted last week on how I keep my bedroom organized!

Under the couch was really clean too except for a ball, because I just vacuumed the cushions on Tuesday!

Under the TV Stand not as clean! There were some pretzels, dirt and jumbled up cords!

One of the cords was broken! I don't know how this happened because we do not have a dog or didn't seem to be needed the wii and dvd player still work fine???

I Cleaned and organized the cords with trash bag ties ( Thanks Susan for the trash bag tie idea for cords!)


StephanieAnn305 said...

Why did you throw out the coat? Do you not have a clothing bank or good will around? :/

Logan Family said...

Hey Stephanie =) I didn't throw it away, I just put it in my garage bin that I use to store my ebay and craigslist items...did I write garbage and not garage...I am not the best speller these days =)