Monday, April 23, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 16: Clean Vents

I have to admit when I saw the assignment for today I made an ugly face... I hate my floor vents! I wanted to just get all new ones but by the time I thought about it my husband informed me that the house spending spree was over! I spray painted two in the bathroom and the other ones were just left with their old rusty look.

Most of my vents were fairly clean because I had vacuumed them all out a couple months back. Except the Laundry room vent....somehow that one got overlooked. Maybe it is because I Hate the flooring in there. It has flowers on it and is permanently stained and just plain ugly! I wish I knew how to pull it up and put new floor down I would have done that today instead of the vents!

Anyway after I washed them all we set them outside to dry.

They were still rusty and ugly even after scrubbing with soapy water =(

You know what that lead to.........a spray paint party! I spray painted the main living area and boys room vents in oil rubbed bronze. My bedroom vents got a coat of black and Rachel's vent was painted white!

Meanwhile in the house there was a little problem with the hose attachment. There was a piece of plastic that pushed into the Kirby to let the vacuum know it was okay to turn on....and well it somehow was broken off. I don't know when, where, why or how this happened =( I looked on online to see what a replacement would run me. $14-$35 used or new.....then the wheels in my head began to spin....

I found that if I stuck a small non-pointed screw in that spot I could lock the attachment into place and signal the vacuum to turn on! Praise the Lord it worked and we could carry on with cleaning the vents out!

Christian is always right there begging to help mom!

The after in the laundry room!

Oil Rubbed Bronze in the dining room.

White in Rachel's room.
And black in our bedroom =)
This assignment took me a lot longer than I thought but glad it got done =)


Shelby said...

Turned out fabulous:) Like that oiled bronze look.

Logan Family said...

Thanks Shelby =) My pastors wife recommended the oil rubbed bronze and I love it. I want to do our door knobs that color too when we save enough for new doors =)

Jessica said...

Great job on the vents! I love oil rubbed bronze (ORB. Ha) All of our doorknobs, light fixtures, etc. are ORB. :-)

Have you seen those vinyl peel and stick tiles? I have seen ladies use them for their laundry room floors on other blogs, and they say they are really easy to apply and look great. Just an idea for you. ;-)

Logan Family said...

No, I haven't heard of those... I am going to google it now because I really hate that floor!

Jenn said...

Your vents turned out great. Have you tried cleaning your floor you hate with a strong mix of ammonia? The house I used to live in had the same old icky vinyl in it and I tried the ammonia and it worked pretty well, not perfect but a whole lot better.