Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 1: Clean Purse

Okay so I know it is day 3 and I am posting on day 1 but was keeping track of time one of the

This is my purse/diaper bag. I was having a hard time juggling a diaper bag and purse with 4 kids ages 5 and under especially when Chris was in Afghanistan, I needed all the free hands I could get! When I saw this on Money Saving Mom over the summer for only $14 plus free shipping I knew this was what I really needed! This works as a back pack or over the shoulder carry bag from Land's End. I love it!

First I dumped everything out!

I organized the contents on the table first and got rid of things that did not need to be in here.

This plastic zip bag came with the diaper bag and I put band aids, sanitizer wipes, lotion, nail clippers, tweezers, cough drops, a mirror and lip gloss in here for times when you just might need it =)
I put it next to the diaper changing mat and stinky diaper baggies on the inside back zip pocket.

Here is my wallet it is pretty simple: check book, constitution, pictures

More pictures (I love Chris' senior Cadet picture), ID's, debit card, Kohls and Macy's credit cards ( I only use once a year or so when there might be a super good deal when you use your store card and then pay it off promptly), Car Insurance/Bank info card, and gift cards.

the side zipper has 3 divided spaces I use for cash and change.

The inside has a lot of little pockets so I put all the stuff back in it's own pocket: wipes, nursing wrap, KJV bible, camera, wallet =) In the middle I put the diapers.

On the outside front zip pocket I keep a new testament and gospel tracts for easy access!

Two more pockets on the outside keep my keys and more new testaments for the kids to take to Sunday School.
Lastly the outside pockets on each side are great for snacks and water bottles!


Jill O'Neil said...

I love that you keep your Bible and the U.S. Constitution in your bag! I always carry those things, too!

Logan Family said...

=) You never know when you might need to be a witness for the truth of God's word or the truth our country, because both have been misrepresented way too many times! =) I am glad you can comment on here now =)

Rhonda said...

my attorney son will be so impressed when I tell him you carry a pocket US constitution. Several years ago, he put one in my Christmas stocking and I just saw it in a drawer that I was cleaning out. Maybe I will put it in my purse too.

Logan Family said...

Rhonda, you should def carry your constitution, our country is fast loosing our rights! Most people don't know what it says. I am speaking to myself now. I need to read it more! I should have pulled it out on the guy at Wal-Mart yesterday! =)