Thursday, April 12, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 21 My Closet Detailed (My Side)

Welcome to my side of the closet =) I really like how it turned out with the closet maid and the flat mirror I took from the bathroom =)

My sister sent me a Target gift card for Christmas and I knew that this would be perfect for the closet even though it is an "office supply" at Target. Now I can write notes to Chris =)

Up on the shelf I keep my cricut in this adorable dust cover I bought off of Ebay with my earnings from unwanted items =)

Almost all of my scrapbooking accessories fit in this one bin!

My completed scrapbooks and paper cutter =)

I color coded my shirts recently and I like having it this way. I don't think I have many clothes for a woman. Or maybe I am just comparing my self to my sister and mother-in-law who having overflowing closets!

I have two skirt hanging coat hangers for skirts that seem to get creased easily and the rest of my skirts I keep on regular coat hangers.
I came up with this ingenious idea to store all my small clothing items in photo boxes!

I put a cardboard divider in this box to separate socks and underwear. Do you think it is weird I put my underwear on here? I just wanted to share my ideas with you and not be offensive so I am sorry if I offend someone =)

I folded all my bras in half to store them in the next photo box.

I also put a cardboard divider in this one to better organize all my pantyhose!

Here is the closet maid that I love so much in all of it's organizable cubbyness! As you can see I keep some culottes folded, weights, shirts and shoes. I would like to have smaller shelves in the bottom shoe ones so they are not on top of each other but I am not a carpenter....maybe I will figure something out sooner or later =)

In the top fabric drawer I keep my undershirts all rolled up for easy access and no digging.

In the other fabric drawer I have my pajamas stacked on top of each other in order of ones I like to wear best so my favorite is always on top =)

Up Next: The Garage!


Manuela said...

OK, this is it!!!!! You will definitely be in my new house when I unpack!!!!!!!! You may already look for organizers and such! LOL. Love your blog. Very inspiring!

larlee said...

You are so sweet to even be concerned about offending someone with showing your underpants organization. You are teaching w/ visuals. You definitly have a gift with organizing your home it is beautiful and inspiring. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Logan Family said...

Manuela, I can't wait to see what your new house will look like and Target is definitely the best place for organizing things! Larlee, you never know someone might think that is it immodest even though it is not me in the =) I am sure you could find somewhere to start in your home =) HOw far are you from Missouri?

Shelby said...

Ditto with what Manuela said:) You have a gift girl and I would so pay you if you lived in PA:)

Logan Family said...

Thanks Shelby, do you live anywhere near Hershey Park? That is where we want to go for our next family vacation =)

larlee said...

I am all the way in South Louisiana. I think I use my kiddos as a excuse for not getting started organizing b/c it seems like when I start or make a pile to get rid of stuff someone dumps another mess or pulls things out my give away area. I know this is my fault in not having trained the children to be involved in maintaining the home and trying to do it all myself. Do you try to get your little ones invloved in home maintainance or do you do projects when they nap or go to be at night? Thanks!

Logan Family said...

I always say that cleaning with my children around is like taking 3 steps backward and 5 steps forward because of the chaos that goes on and there is chaos. For instance when I redid my closet with the closet maid someone got a hold of the Styrofoam and had a hay day all over the house!I do projects all day before they wake up while they are awake and while they It is an all day marathon tryna keep up with my home and children =)