Friday, April 27, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Week's to a More Organized Home Day 20: Clean Medicine Cabinet

 Well I guess I am off the hook for the last day because I don't have a medicine cabinet just a mirror from Hobby Lobby......just kidding!

 I keep our medicine in the kitchen cabinet.

 Most of it is actually herbal supplements though.

 Amazing Grass, Vitamin C, and CocoCardio! YUM
 Tea is also a good thing to drink when you are feeling under the weather and will not give you side effects like destroying your liver.....

 And here is my medicine basket.

 These are vitamins, enzymes and whole foods juiced and put into capsules.

 Okay I do have some "real" medicine too some baby tylenol which I have not used in over a year. It is not expired yet though. Also some aspirin I only got only  because it was free from Walgreens back in January. I should put that in my get rid of

 An up close of some of our supplements.

Then I put them back in the basket a little neater.

 Horray for my get rid of pile I think this bucket of legos catches me up on the whole month challenge since I didn't find things to get rid of everyday! The white shirt came out of the dryer and was not even worthy of getting folded it had a big hole and innumerable stains you cannot really see in the picture.

Well this is kind of sad that today is the last day of the challenge! It was fun though I learned that, there are many dirty places in my home I didn't ever clean like the top of the cabinets! Also looking at other ladies blogs and seeing their progress, I can improve on some area's like labeling my pantry like Crystal did!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, just curious about how you deal with your baby's teething pain. I do give my babies infant motrin to help relieve the pain (right now my little one has 4 molars coming in.... ouch..... and I know she has alot of discomfort.) It seems like the "natural" pain relievers do not do the trick.

Michele said...

You have done a great job with this challenge! I have lived vicariously through you. Haha

Logan Family said...

My baby doesn't' have any teeth yet at 14 =). None of my children seemed to throw big fits about teething. I would usually give them something like a raw apple without the skin on it to suck on or a pretzel stick or cold wash rag =)

Michele that is funny =)