Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trip to Northern VA

Photo: Abuelo and Rachel

Since we moved back to VA I had envisioned us visiting our family a whole lot more....but it has been 6 months since we went up the road to see family! Our families are about 3 hours away from us but if you don't drive at the right times it could end up being 4 or 5 hours away =(.  Which is no fun for a one day trip 7 months preggo...We spent about 8 hours in the car this day but was well worth the drive =).

My dad really enjoyed the time at the park with the kids. My dad had 4 girls and always wanted to have a boy so I am glad he has lots of grandsons to play with =). His english is not very understandable to our kids but it doesn't seem to bother them. 

It was super hot that day. My dad had just gotten off his construction job so he didn't move too far away from the shade.

The kids call him Abuelo =)

This is Maria my almost 15 year old sister. My little sisters are so much fun, not like some teenagers who are just too grown up to play with kids and are glued to their 

I had this grand photoshoot idea of my dad with all the grandkids in the tree but it didn't turn out so =).

Then we all went to Chick Fil A for dinner and my mom met us there =). Gideon was playing peek a boo behind Chris' =).

While we were at Chick -Fil -A someone asked if the kids were all mine including my two teenage sisters!!! That made me feel pretty old.....not as old as the time someone thought me and my mom were =).

Then we drove down to see Chris' parents. My mother in law cooked some good chicken least it smelled good. I was too full from Chick-Fil-A so she sent a plate home for me to eat later...and Chris ate it before lunch time the next day...the Lord reward him according to his j/k.

My Father in law is now on facebook all the time since he of course he was taking pictures to =). We got home around midnight and everyone was exhausted! We look forward to visiting again with our new little one in a couple months =).


Jenn in Indiana said...

You are very blessed to have such a great family.

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Jenn =). Family is precious =) Sometimes I wish we lived in Bible times where everyone lived in the same little courtyard....=)