Monday, July 28, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home Hallway and Bathroom

Welcome to our upstairs hallway =). As you can see organization makes everyone in our home happy =).

 We have a linen closet that is shaped like a triangle.....kind of an awkward shape for storing things especially towels/ we keep all the towels in the bathrooms and do not currently own any extra sheets =) 

The hallway bathroom is shared by all five children and is in constant need of cleaning =).

We keep soap and toothbrushes on the counter and everything else inside the drawers =). The little wax plug in the wall warmers work wonders in covering up unpleasant =).

 The top drawer holds floss, rinse cups, toothpaste, mouthwash, nail clippers and a hair brush for the boys. We just went to the dentist earlier this month and so thats why we have a bunch of travel size kids toothpaste =) The mesh organizers were purchased in the office section at Target in a pack together.
 Towels, washcloths, powder lotion and baby wash.
 The last drawer is empty =)
 Rachels Hair stuff is under the sink =)

 The Laundry closet ... the stuff in the right hand corner was left here by the landlord...

I used a basket to gather together the random laundry items =)

The laundry hamper is the only thing in our hallway =) This is the only place we collect laundry and so it forces us to not get behind on laundry =).


Lisa said...

You really need to contact TLC or one of those stations and get your own show :)

Kelly Logan said...

Yes we should =)....That would be fun....I could see them making us look like complete lunatics =)

Martina said...

How many times do you clean the bathroom? We have three boys and I feel like even with deep cleaning it 4 times a day it still would be a stinky mess.

Kelly Logan said...

Martina, I know the feeling....I always hope I am cleaning up chocolate when I wipe up mess on and around the toilet seat and light I clean the bathroom sinks and toilets with scrubbing bubbles 3 x a week and wipe up in between with a wet wipe =) Our two oldest boys wipe the toilet from pee pee after they are done......but the third boy is not as considerate. I only clean the tub about once a month....sometimes every two =)