Thursday, July 3, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home: Rachel's Drawers

Rachel our little Rachel, our only girl........she gets to have about 5 times as many clothes as her
These drawer dividers were purchased in a two pack at Target for $16....a little pricey for me so this is the only drawer that has these dividers in them.

 Rachel's shirts and sweaters are color coded and folded neatly for easy location.

 The next drawer has two bulky sweaters that wouldn't fit in the previous drawer and all her cute little skirts =).

 And her Pj's =) This drawer has a lot of space in it. I could easily fold the pjs smaller and fit lots of other things in here =)

I love looking at my little ones sleeping =) Despite having 4 brothers she is quite the girly girl =).  Looking at her hair I can see why God only gave us one girl so =).

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