Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home Little kid's closet

Let all things be done decently and in order.

 This closet belongs to Rachel, Gideon and the new baby but still has plenty of space!

I love these storage bins! They fit perfectly into most closets and they come in all different cube amounts! I got the clip on dry erase labels at Target. 

 "Music" bin

 "Cars" bin

 unlabeled puppy bin for misc boy toys


 "Rachel" bin for misc girl toys.

 "Dolls" bin 

 "Ponies" bin for My Little Ponies and playsets.

 Rachel's side of the closet.....She has a ton of dresses...I didn't buy any of them though thanks to my two nieces.

Baby boy and Gideon's side of the closet

 Up top I have two bins: one for the Baby and one for Gideon to grow into =) All the clothes Rachel will grow into are in my nieces closets....lol =). I also have the infant car seat up there cleaned and ready for the new baby!

 Inside the "baby" bin are clothes 6 months-12 months. I have them arranged by outfits and pants and shirts/onesies not belonging to an outfit =).

 In the "Gideon" bin I have clothes 2t-5t. Almost all from the same place I got the baby clothes from. There are a few things that survived Joshua and are in here as well.

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