Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home Garage

Let all things be done decently and in order
Here in Hampton our rental property has a one car garage....which is fine considering we have one Yes we do park in our garage. I have noticed a trend in America as we go on walks or drive by homes with their garages open......they don't use them to park their cars in them because they are so full of junk. The garage can be a dangerous place to store clutter because it is out of the house and you don't feel like it is taking up any living space. Also many things stored in garages are duplicates of things found throughout the house because you have purchased them again since you didn't want to dig through your garage to find it =).

Our last garage we used grey totes. This time around we decided to use clear so we can easily see what is stored inside even if we didn't have the label. I couldn't find a big enough clear tote to store our tree though =(. 

 We have a bunch of empty clear containers to prepare for our next move to an undisclosed location =).

 In the corner we have our over the roof van storage thingy, a fold up table and 2 chairs and some house supplies left by the landlord.

 In the swim container we have life vests, water wings, and swim diapers =).  A sweet friend came and brought us two brand new life vests, two more were purchased on Craigslist. We only had to buy one at the store. Praise the Lord because life vests are not cheap. We have been swimming at my sisters pool and having fun. I haven't got any pics of the kids swimming though because I am too busy counting heads above the

 My husband bought all these sports toys for the kids to play with. Another bonus to having a clean garage is that the kids can play in the garage on those cold or rainy days =).

This is my husbands portable office he puts in the van for his luncheons and presentations.

All of our Christmas decorations are neatly stored away for December.

 The left side of our garage has nothing except the double stroller. With a one car garage and a Honda Odyssey it would be impossible to get out of the car if we had anything else stored over here.


Jenn in Indiana said...

Oh my, my husbands garage is a 3 car and is horribly cluttered. We went from a 1200 sq ft hs to 4000 and just feel so overwhelmed trying to maintain and keep all the extra space uncluttered. We are desperatly wanting to sell and move to a much smaller hs. We recently found one but the Lord is saying no, it really is too far out in the country, so I am trusting that the Lord has something much better and we can climb out of our huge mortgage debt.

Kelly Logan said...

I can't imagine trying to keep up with 4000 sqft! I just cleaned all the floor boards and doors in our little townhouse and I was My in laws have over 5000 sqft but their kids are grown so not much cleaning to do ...but still the dust on the floorboards would overwhelm =). Praying God will help you guys find the right place =) My dad is in a mortgage crunch too he is renting out all his rooms to make payments ...makes me sad =(.