Monday, July 21, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home Gideon and New Baby Drawers

Let all things be done decently and in order.
I recently had to make room in one the drawers for our new baby coming in 2 months =)!

All of these baby clothes were part of the 5 Wal-mart bags stuffed with clothes for $5 I got off of a facebook yardsale page and a couple newborn things from my pastor's wife whose baby is now 2 months old =). I got the drawer dividers from Bed Bath and Beyond for $15  using a $5 off coupon.  

I paired all the outfits together on the left side.

In the middle section are onesies and pants that are not part of an outfit.

The last section has hats up top and bibs on bottom.
The second drawer has Gideon's pajamas.

 Lastly Gideon has his onesies shorts and socks stored nicely in these Dollar General Bins. All the bins in this drawer cost only $2!
Happy Organizing =)


Anonymous said...

How do you have time to be so organized with 5 children? How do you do it, this is a serious question. Do you children make their own beds? What advice would you give if you have a room that is just a mess and needs cleaned out and has become a catch all sort of room? How should I proceed to start? I just feel so overwhelmed. Any help would be great.

Kelly Logan said...

Dear Anonymous you are not alone for sure don't feel so bad. I am only able to be organized because I am at the maintaining phase where everything is already labled with a designated area for everything in our home. My best advice for a catch all room would be to get rid of everything you haven't used in the last 6 months with some exceptions of course. Sometimes we hold onto things we think we might need but God always provides.....just like I got rid of all my baby boy stuff and then the Lord provided an abundance of new to me things for way less than what I sold the last batch of clothes for at a yard sale =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering me back. Alot that is in that room is my husbands check stubs that I don't know how long to keep or a good organizing system. Plus my filing cabinet just is overflowing. How do you organize check stubs? I just am feeling the need to just get rid of everything I can't take the clutter anymore.

Kelly Logan said...

Hmmm... We don't keep any check stubs we never even got any paper copies the whole time my husband was in the military. Would your husband be up for scanning and keeping a digital copy? If not I would use filing totes =)