Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Program @ Bible Baptist 2012

We had our annual Christmas Program at Bible Baptist Church last night and the kids did really well!

I was so glad to see some of the bus riders participate!

There are 4 bus riders up there singing with the rest of the children from our church. 4 of the older bus riders were in the audience as they were "too cool" to sing with the the little kids I  4 adults came as a result of the bus riders participating in the program. So glad our pastor preached a good message on the free gift of salvation for all to hear!

Christian has become quite the song bird. Noah is standing next to him but you can hardly see him or hear him in the video below!


Rhonda said...

that is so sweet!
Merry Christmas to you, I am thinking your due date is in the near future?

Kelly Logan said...

Merry Christmas Rhonda =) yes I am coming up on the home stretch of this pregnancy, hopefully only about 8 weeks left!

Shelby said...

So sweet Kelly. I feel like it is Christmas I missed so much of your post. I have to get caught up. Shelby~

Kelly Logan said...

Hey Shelby =) you probably didnt miss too many posts since I have been so sleepy the last couole months =)