Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby Room Readiness

 Rachel has been so kind to allow her brother to have 1/4 of her closet space =) She is so generous =)

 Everything in here has been given to me second hand from friends or bought at a yard sale or consignment store.  
 My moby wrap and little bitty baby socks and hats are in the corner. =)
 I got this wire storage bin in the kitchen section at Walmart. It is supposed to be a freezer organizer. I am using it to store newborn outfits =)
 The wire shelf also from the kitchen section at Walmart it is supposed to help stack your pots and pans.
 Almost all of the clothes and bibs were given to me a couple of things were purchased at Other Mothers with existing store credit I had. I also traded some of Rachel's girl clothes on craigslist for a few boy things =).
 This boppy pillow was purchased from a yard sale for $5.

Now to find some time to paint so baby boy won't live in a pink room!
We have been truly blessed and our church is going to have a baby shower in January and I am having a hard time thinking of anything we truly need =) 


Shelby said...

Oh Kelly that looks fantastic. I sooo wish you lived close by to organize my house:) You have a business girl, seriously.

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Shelby =) I love to organize, but this 5th baby boy has really pushed me to the organizing limit having to figure out how to store neatly for a family of 7 in 1268 square feet =)