Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas 2012

Well Christmas has come and gone again! I am not really big on getting my kids a bunch of toys for Christmas just because I think it causes them to lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday. Especially this year since Chris' insurance business has been really slow. Christmas was not going to be on a credit card either! I was able to do a little shopping on black friday with a gift card I had from last Christmas that I never used all of. I only spent $15 out of pocket on all 4 children! Plus I got that back in Kohls cash so I could send a little gift to my sister and nieces. So I thought we would have about 6 presents under the tree for the kids; some pajamas and a shared toy for the boys and a purse for Rachel. Boy was I wrong!
About a week before Christmas we started getting boxes in the mail!

and more boxes....

The presents came all wrapped up from my mom and step dad.

The presents were bigger than the tree.....

They all woke up on Christmas morning and thought for some reason that it could only really be Christmas if it had snowed =)

The kids were very excited!

Their favorite was the batman cave.

Rachel got 2 new baby dolls one of them is motion sensored and laughs every time you walk by or turn on a light. Sure glad it has an off switch on the!

We also got lots of gift cards and several checks from family! We are so blessed!  Lord willing we will be able to go home and visit family for Christmas =)

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