Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Husband the Handy Man in Training!

We have had a high water bill since August! Over $100 a month for the last 5 months is quite alarming. I first thought it was from our pool. But then the fall came and still the water bill was high! I told my husband it was probably our toilet that had been making noise. He said no probably not from the toilet ( I was right of we called our home warranty and they sent some guy from Elite Home Renovations out to check for leaks and we paid a $75 deductible for him to tell us the pump in our toilet had broken and he put in a new pump. Then the toilet still ran and so he came back and put in a new plug. The toilet still ran and the Home warranty informed me on the phone that if the problem was different than the original diagnosis we would be charge an additional $75.  We figured if they sent the guy out again and he fixed something else on the toilet only to have it run again we would be out of luck and another $75. Since toilets are only $90 at Lowes we decided to just go ahead and buy a new toilet. Installation was another $90 and so then Chris decided he would install the toilet himself......and after about 2 hours he did! So proud of him!

He needed the hacksaw because the bolts on the old toilet were so rusted they would not unscrew.



Shanna said...

Tell your husband to keep up the handyman stuff b/c it's expensive to pay someone else. I know this b/c my husband is in the home remodeling business (we own our own company) & his business is booming.

My husband does everything from handyman stuff to full scale remodeles & adding on new rooms to existing homes.

I cannot believe what ppl are not willing to do. We have one customer that will pay him $45 hr to change their light bulbs, touch-ups on walls, re-paint trim & etc... She has her spring list, summer list, fall list & all the other lists in between every year & I'm not kidding either. :)

I'm not complaining tho b/c it pays the bills. lol I'm just glad I don't have to pay him while he's remodeling our house. :)

Kelly Logan said...

That is awesome Shanna! We have rented up until we bought our house so we never had to fix anything ourselves and I thought the home warranty would prevent us from having to fix things ourselves too...but it didn't work out this time =) I am glad your hubby is able to make a good income helping others =)