Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home Birth Essentials

At 32 weeks time is ticking down to meet our new little miracle!

 My sweet midwife put together a home birth kit for me to use so I wouldn't have to order one myself.

 Lot's of stuff you would see in a labor and delivery room in a hospital like chuck pads, iodine, umbilical cord clamp, peri bottle, bulb syringe...etc..
I also picked up an extra set of sheets, mattress protector and 4 flannel backed table clothes to put on the carpet around the bed =).....A little excited now and praying for a safe and complication free birth!


Jessica said...

That's great that you are having a home birth. ;-) I had my second son at a birth center, and it was great. I would love to try a home birth next, but we will see...
Hope it goes really well for you! :-)

Kelly Logan said...

Birth Center's are definitely a more relaxing experience too =). I checked into the birth center here and it was $2,000 more than the homebirth midwife =(. So that pretty much made my decision for