Monday, June 18, 2012

Travelling Solo with Small Children

I have soooo forgotten what it is like to travel or even go to the grocery store with all 4 of my kids since Chris came home from Afghanistan 10 months ago! Since we share a car to save  $, when I go to the store it is with Chris or just me and Rachel while Chris watches the boys! Well Chris had a business meeting for 4 days in Ohio and his plane took off 3.5 hours away from home in ST. LOUIS. The rent- a-car was going to cost $156 each way! Chris did not want us to drive 7 hours in one day twice in a week. So spur of the moment I said why don't we all just come and stay in a hotel and drive back the next day =). We got ready super fast and headed to ST. Louis with our puppy too =).
I forgot all the comments you get when you have all your kids with you =). Here are some of my all time favorite comments from strangers
1) "Boy, you have got your hands full. "
2) "That's why they have Birth Control."
3) "You are done right?"
4) "You finally got your girl!"
5) "Are they twins?"
6) "Are they triplets?"
7) "Are they all yours?"
8) "That looks like a nightmare."
9) "You have got a cart full!"
10) "Your beautiful children are so well behaved!"

 Rachel jumping on the hotel bed.

 Free buffet dinner.

 Swimming time!

 Buffet Breakfast!

 We had 2 hours to kill after checkout before Chris' plane came back. It was super hot outside and so I wanted to go somewhere Brownley could come too! 

 We spent over an hour in Petsmart! We got Brownley a tag and a T shirt!

Poor Brownley was more tired than I was at the end of our trip!


Rhonda said...

oh, is Brownley tired or just not happy about his new clothes? :)

It looks like a fun trip to me. It brings back good memories, my children loved buffets and staying at motels with pools.
Did you know my 3 children are very close together like yours, with my stepson several years older? I heard the very same comments as you- my least favorite was the most common- "you have your hands full"

I am impressed you did it all with a dog, we never had pets when our children were little.

Anonymous said...

The things people say!!
It never fails to amaze me.

I praise the Lord for my children and yours too. Children raised to love and serve the Lord are a great blessing to the world. Beyond that, God-fearing folks need to keep having children, so when it's time for the next generation to choose a mate, there is someone of like mind and heart for them to choose from! Thanks for doing your part! :-)

Kelly Logan said...

Rhonda, I think the hands full comment is the most common thing I hear all the time too......but sometimes people get a little bolder and ask about birth control these =).
Anonymous, thank you for the encouraging words =) I am hoping all of my boys will be called by God to preach in someway, our world sure needs more young folks to be raised to serve HIM!

Michele said...

Glad you went. Sometimes it is a challenge traveling with kiddos, but you always make memories that will last a lifetime!
Oh, and don't even get me started on people's comments. Since our adoption we get "Is he yours too? And "where is his real mom?" -like I am fake, don't 'ya know! ;) Some people...well, anyway... heehee

Kelly Logan said...

Michele sometimes I like to think people people just don't know what to say.....that must be so annoying especially if they are saying that right in front of him! maybe you could make a t-shirt that says "Yes He is Mine Too" or "I am His real mom"... =)

Manuela said...

Those comments show what people think about children. They don't see them as a blessing, but a burden. So sad! Love your family! Soon we will be on our way!!!

Kelly Logan said...

I know Manuela, people need to read their bible and see that God says children are a blessing and an heritage! not a curse or burden!Then again people that don't read their bibles shouldn't have any kids to teach the ways of the world. Let all the Christian's who read their bibles populate the earth =)