Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Photos 2012

On one of my morning jogs interpreted by a garage sale I met a really nice woman named Rebecca, she was a jack of all trades, she babysits, sells pampered Chef, makes hair bows, skirts and has recently started a photography business =). I got her info and we hooked up for a photo shoot 2 Saturdays ago. It was really hot out and my son Christian got a tummy ache out of the blue and could barely stand up! However Rebecca still managed to get some good pictures =) 

On the way there everyone was sleeping but Rachel...that is never a good thing when you want your children's cooperation!

Brownley came with us too, but he wasn't into taking pictures too much.

Rebecca found a shady spot and began working her magic on my sleepy hot kids!

I love my husband!

 Christian trying his best to smile while keeping his eyes opened!

 I asked Rebbecca to do the blue "color pop" so it will match when I paint one of my living room walls blue!
 This would have been an even better photo if atleast one of the kids would have smiled!

 Christian collapsed on the floor....lol.

 Joshua is such a camera ham when he wants to be!
 I took a photo by myself so Chris can carry it around =)

 Cute idea by Rebecca to have them "reading".

 Noah looks just like his daddy!

Rachel would not crack a smile!

and it was over at this point!

Rebecca has a photography blog at Road of Life Photography and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a good photographer in the Springfield, Missouri area. She is a Christian and cheaper than Walmart =)


Becky'sLife said...

Thank you for all the wonderful compliments,Kelly...It was definatly a pleasure to capture your family in this Avenue of your "Road of Life"...Becky

Michele said...

Love the pictures! Your children are just beautiful, smiles or not!

Logan Family said...

Rebecca you are welcome you did an awesome job =).
Thanks Michelle =) I wish there was a photo shop option to make a smile on their faces though...lol.

Shelby said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures:) That will make a really nice addition to your living room walls. Love, love the color pop.

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Shelby =) Now I am debating on getting the big family one on Canvas?

Shelby said...

I did Canvas and loved it. They have some really good deals online if you ever see them;) Also, I found out that Walmart does canvas pics at a really good price to. Shelby

Jessica said...

Cute pics. I like your headband. ;-)

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Jessica I got the headband at Cato =) That is funny Shelby I uploaded my photos to Walmart and priced their canvas'. The only thing I was wondering about is what do you do with it when you are done displaying it? Because you can't just stick it in a photo album?