Friday, June 1, 2012

Goal Review May 2012

1) Read Through the Bible in a Year
Praise the Lord that I have been able to keep up with the daily Bible reading schedule so far. Some days were a struggle and I would have to catch up the next day. I finished reading Judges, Ruth and now I  am in 2 Samuel. Also a proverb chapter a day, and some Psalms. The new Testament readings jump around a bit and I have finished Acts, Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, and now I am in Hebrews.
As a stay at home mother I always am so convicted when I read the story of Eli's two sons in 1 Samuel chapter 3, who were children of Satan. God held Eli responsible because, "...he restrained them not." I can't help but think of what things God is going to hold me responsible for not restraining my children from! Everything from bad attitudes, to talking back, watching too many movies and the list goes on and on. God help me not to "restrain not" my children!

2) Read 6 Books:

I read the 3rd Chapter of Absolute Surrender: Separated Unto the Holy Ghost. It emphasized the need to be faithful in daily life to really be directed by God's Spirit!

3) Pass out a Gospel Tract to Every Store Clerk: 
I passed out Gospel tracts at of course at Wal Mart, Yard sales, The Dollar Store, the Schawns truck man ( Yes I got some Ice cream).

On the way back from Church on Sunday we ran out of drinks and it was super hot so I hopped out of the bus and went into Murfins Market to get some drinks. The cashier at first took my tract and then as I was walking away she called out to me and asked if I would take it back because she can't talk about religion at work. She was the one that kept talking about it, I wasn't giving her a gospel presentation or anything.....That was just really weird because she could have just thrown it in trash and there was a customer right behind me waiting to be helped and he looked as confused as I did with her insistence on not taking the gospel literature. So sad if she would have known that there was living water in the words of God she surely would have held onto it!

4) Eat Out Only Once a Week: We ordered out just 3 Times last month all from Pizza Hut on Saturday nights while I was out grocery shopping.

5) Run 7.5 Miles a Week: I ran 52 Miles in May!

6) In Home DVD Workout Once a Week: I taebo'd 4 times!

7) Take Vitamins and Juice Daily: Okay so I ran out of my favorite Prenatal Vitamins the 2nd week of May and still haven't made it to the Health Food Store! and I know I didn't juice everyday, but I didn't write it down so I don't have the tally.

8) Reduce Weight to 130 lbs.: I got on the scale this morning and was a little upset! I have gained 3.4lbs this month! I blame the donuts on the church bus ....then again maybe it is muscle....Nah probably donuts and the Shcawns Icecream!......Good thing I gave myself til' December 31st!

9) Keep Up with Hair Cuts Quarterly: My hair is still looking pretty least I think so!

10) Improve Home Organization: If you have been reading my blog this month you already know I got really nice labels for the pantry and boys cubby bins =)

Looking Forward to June we are having revival starting this Sunday!


Michele said...

I love that you have monthly goals...I thinki need to try that!

Shelby said...

I love your goals and your heart for the Lord and sharing the gospel message. Girl your weight is good, probably muscle;)

Anonymous said...

Please take this from an older woman who use to run(6 miles everyday), now walk due to back problems from all that running. I walk now, plus I use light weights 6 days a week. Your weight gain IS from muscle!!! With the running and your workout, all is working. I was always worried about my weight, to the point I got down to 117 pounds and I am 5'10". Alllll my friends weighed less then that. But it took a long time for that light bulb moment. Every friend I had was at least 4 inches shorter. My best weight for me is 155 pounds. Sounds like a ton, but at this weight no one asks me 10x a day if I am sick.

Long story short, stop with the weigh in and just go by how your clothes fit and how good you feel.

Our weight can become our "master".

blessings, susie

Logan Family said...

Thank you for your comments =) I don't think I have a weight problem I was just thinking if my weight hangs around 135lbs, than that is probably normal for me. I aimed at 130 because that is what I leveled off at after baby #2 weight was lost. My scale as you can see from the pic is supposed to factor in muscle, fat, water weight...who knows how accurate it is though =). Wow susie 6 miles a day! that is insane =). I would actually prefer to speed walk with some weights it is just that I like to get the 2 miles done as quick as possible before my hubby heads out the door for work =) I am glad you have overcome your obsession on the scale. Praise the Lord for that!