Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rachel's first Pigtails! :Learning to do bi-racial girls hair

 Our children are just all mixed up and have different hair types.My dad is from Honduras and has a fro if he doesn't keep it super short, I wish I had a pic of it! My mom has super stringy thin hair. My hair is pretty nice I think not too thick not too thin....easily managed. Chris has really nice wavy hair but he has to put lots of oil gel stuff on it and wear a wave cap at night. That is just too much work for me! I was secretly hoping our first girl would have finer hair like Christian but she came out with hardly any hair at all!

Here is Rachel with my dad last year in Virginia.....I almost thought she was born without the DNA for hair....lol =) Just kidding!

 Now that it is growing in it is super tight curls. It was starting to get matted in the back and I didn't want to start dumping chemicals into her hair so I was so excited to find this Organic Olive Oil Smooth-n-Hold Pudding at WalMart =)
 Isn't she just so cute with Pig Tails ?!
and the back is still curly but can be combed though after applying the pudding =)
I am hoping to be an expert hair doer by the time Rachel is 6 or 7 hair twists and all! =)


Florence said...

What a darling!

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Florence =)

Michele said...

Oh my goodness, she is the cutest!

Shelby said...

My daughter has biracial hair and I finally found a Redkin product that has a conditioner and a curl definer in it. It works really well. Rachels is PRECIOUS:)

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you I love our little girl even if she got different textured hair than I had first imagined her =).

Amanda said...

I've really been enjoying your blog since you were featured on Money Saving Mom. Your children are adorable. I completely understand about the hair! Each one of my girls has different hair and sometimes it's a challenge,especially since I have straight hair and have no experience with curls.

Rhonda said...

she is adorable, no matter how her hair grows :)

hair is funny. My hair is thin, fine and wavy. My DD's hair is thin, fine and straight as can be, her hair also tangles like crazy.
her DD, my GD has fine very curly hair- thankfully it does not tangle like her momma's.

Have fun with Rachel's hair, I think bows look so pretty.

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Amanda =) The funny thing is I always wanted Curly hair myself and even had it permed twice when I was in school! I do love curly hair though just don't love brushing it right now!
Rhonda you are right hair is so unpredictable! I love bows too =)