Monday, June 25, 2012

Not a Good Time to have your AC Break!

Mostly SunnySunny
Hi 99°RealFeel® 105°


  • NNE at 7 mph
  • Gusts: 13 mph
Sunny, record-tying heat and humid
  • Max UV Index: (very high)
  • Thunderstorm Probability: 24%
  • Amount of Precipitation: 0.00 in
  • Amount of Rain: 0.00 in

On Friday afternoon I was feeling a little warm. I walked past our thermostat and saw it at 80. I thought maybe one of the kids touched it. Even though I have never seen any of my kids touch it before.....Then hours later it didn't change the temperature. Chris went outside to check on the unit. One of the cords had frozen over with ice.  First he called a repair company and they were going to charge $50 just to come and look at it. Then I remembered our home came with a one year home warranty. Chris cancelled the first appointment and made one through the HSA warranty company! In the mean time I checked the weather for the weekend since the repair guy couldn't come until Monday. It was going to be really really really hot! 
Chris decided he was going to try and fix something with a screw driver...until he heard a loud voice say, "Put the screw driver down and step away from the Air Conditioner!"

I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in a hot house with 4 kids all weekend! Especially since I promised all the bus riders waffles and bacon after church!  Then I remembered my neighbor across the street told me her hubby used to work for an AC company. She sent her hubby over to save the day and added some freon to cool our house down. Today the repair guy came and found a leak in the system so we are going to get a new one for the cost of the deductible and disposal of old unit a total of $160. That is a whole lot better than $2,600 for a new unit and install without the warranty! Praise the Lord for his provision!


Rhonda said...

so glad it worked out so well. It is hot here too. I don't really like air conditioning, I would rather have cool breezes of fresh air coming in open windows.
but it is too hot for that! yea for air conditioning.

Lisa said...

You have a very good home owners insurance usually they don't want to put money into a new unit instead they will put a bandaid on the unit until next year when it breaks down again. Our a/c doesn't work AGAIN but this time we are going to have to use our own money to buy a unit :(

Kelly Logan said...

I agree Rhonda I don't like AC that much either especially when he was talking about how the freon had to be specially disposed of because it is toxic =( Can't wait to get to Paradise!
Lisa, That really stinks! How much did you pay for your warranty? I looked at ours and the previous owners paid $439 for a year. I don't know if the price has anything to do with the coverage on AC units? I bet they knew they should have replaced it! I was a little concerned too with our warranty that they might try and get out of it somehow. So I am thanking God for his Grace!

Shelby said...

LOVE how God works, Amen:)

Kelly Logan said...

He is so good to our family!

Anonymous said...

Aack! Our A/C went out last year. We had a guy come out...he wouldn't look at it without us paying him the $125 house call fee. Fortunately, it was just a part in addition to that. We replaced the furnace two winters ago, and just finished paying that off. Praise God.
Glad you were able to get it fixed without a lot of hassle.
(funny, funny about the loud voice saying not to touch it!! )


Kelly Logan said...

Wow a $125 house call fee! What!Where do live? New York City or what? Praise the Lord for paying off your furnace bill! This is really making me think of buying a home warranty next year after this one expires!

Lisa said...

Hey Kelly its costing us over $3700 to pay for a whole new unit but praise God he provided the money for it. $125 is a HUGE amount for a house call. But maybe that's normal in Cali :)

Kelly Logan said...

Okay you are in California! that makes sense now =) I always think that too when something really expensive comes up thank God for providing because I would really be complaining if something expensive came up and there was no money either!