Friday, January 27, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 6 The Laundry Room

Our Laundry Room has a nice shelf and cabinets for lots of storage...when there is storage space, I get excited that means there is organizing space!
There are two doors in our laundry room one to the hallway and one to the garage so it was hard to get everything in one photo. This is the best "whole look" of everything pic I could get.
Inside the cabinets I have stain remover, soap, bleach, an iron, and a plastic drawer. The plastic draw holds on top: thread, middle: needles, safety pins, tape measure and on the bottom: buttons. ( Yes this is my complete sewing kit) It is all I need for now all I know how to sew is a button on and maybe a Oh and of course Duck Tape at the top! Just in case needle and thread does not work out for me....j/k =)
In basket #1 I have child safety mabobs.

In Basket #2 I have batteries

In Basket #3 I have light bulbs....I need to buy some more as you can see =)

The shelf has 2 candles and a basket. The basket on the shelf stores dryer sheets ( I got this idea from our pastor's wife)
This is where we put our dirty clothes.

I made this sign with my cricket and some vinyl=)

I have an over the door hook thing, so when I get something out of the dryer and don't want wrinkles to set in I hang it immediately on a coat hanger and hang it behind the door. Our old faithful ironing board we have had since we first got married stands beside the washer =)
We also have our drying rack and steam dryer attachment standing beside the dryer.

That is all for the Laundry room =)


Liz said...

I have never really liked our laundry room, mostly because it has the furnace and water heater in there which is a big eye sore. I am really trying to look past it though and see it as another space in our house that needs to be taken care of. Mostly I just shut the door and walk away though. =)

Logan Family said...

I think your laundry room would look great with some of that cool garage floor paint with speckles in it =)and a nice shine on the water heater and furnace if possible? Our furnace and heater is in a closet next to the coat closet which is kinda weird. I wish there was some way to put it under the house so I could use that extra closet...=)I think there is always something in our homes we wish we could change....maybe Keith could build your next =)