Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Goals

Wow, 2011 just disappeared into thin air! The birth of our fourth child and first girl, My two sisters got saved, Chris' last half of the Afghanistan deployment, moving from Springfield Virginia back to Whiteman AFB, voluntarily separating from the Air Force, Paying for a home with 100% cash in Springfield, MO, joining a new church, Chris finding a new job as an insurance broker. We had alot of big life changes to say the least, many were unexpected but God directs our steps not me =). I have some personal goals I wanted to write down to hold myself accountable and track progress through out the year. So here they are =)

1) Read through the bible in one year
2)Read 6 books
3)Pass out a gospel tract to every store clerk
4)Eat out only once a week
5) Run 7.5 miles a week
6) In home dvd work out once a week
7)Take vitamins and juice daily
8)Reduce weight to 130 lbs.
9)Keep up with hair cuts quarterly
10) Improve home organization

Well I hope that is an encouragement to someone somewhere, this is the first year I have set goals so I am excited and know that I can do all things through Christ which strenghtheneth me =)

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Susan French said...

Those are wonderful goals, Kelly. <3