Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Goal Review

God is Faithful and January went well with my goals =) Here is an update on my goals so far!
1) Read through the bible in one year
My bible reading plan that I picked up from church had me read through the book of Genesis, Matthew all of proverbs and the first 20 something psalms. I have been so blessed and God has answered questions directly many days with this reading plan.
2)Read 6 books
I have read 3 books so far! The Necessity of Prayer by EM Bounds, Jumper Cables For Your Mind and Power Phrases and Affirmations both by Don Howe( The owner of Chris' new company he is working with)
3)Pass out a gospel tract to every store clerk
I don't get out much but God blessed me to pass out a gospel tract at Walgreens, Dillons, the Gas station and a sale on craigslist.
4)Eat out only once a week
This goal was more than exceeded! I only went out to eat once at Hyvee, our grocery store cafe way back on January 2!
5) Run 7.5 miles a week
I am really excited to report I have been keeping up with this one as well and am even going past the 7.5 miles a week. Last week I ran 10.5 miles! On Saturday I surprised myself and ran 3 miles non stop!
6) In home dvd work out once a week
I also had 4 workout sessions on the TV this month
7)Take vitamins and juice daily
Most days I took my vitamins, I fell off the juicer everyday goal because my juicer is on it's last leg. I have been researching juicers and think I found just the right one online =)
8)Reduce weight to 130 lbs.
I guess I should have told you that I started at around 141-144 a day depending on what I ate. This last 2 weeks I have been staying down under 140lbs! Today I weighed in at 136.6 lbs!
9)Keep up with hair cuts quarterly
I really have got to get this done I even contemplated cutting my own hair a couple of times. I have not had my hair cut in over a year!
10) Improve home organization
This month I labeled all the storage totes in the garage and also organized all of our family photos from 1983-present!

Tomorrow is February 1st and I am hopeful that God will continue to give me strength to get a little closer to my 2012 Goals!


Joy said...

Your organizational skills are very inspiring! :-)

Logan Family said...

Thank you Joy =) I am going to blog on my garage totes soon after I finish my room blog =)