Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 5 The Living Room Cont'd

Here is the Living room ! The kids are on the couch watching Pink Panther, but you can only see one kid...
Our coat closet has of course coats, my diaper bag/purse, our steam mop, kirby vacuum and accessories, and a stick vacuum that the previous home owners left here...I need to sell it on craigslist because I do not use it!
I love this little cubby shelf! I keep my running shoes by the door at all times to remind me that I NEED to go on a run(more like a slow job but hey it is better than not doing anything)! There is a race car over there in the matter how organized I think I am there is always a race car out of place somewhere in our house with 3 boys!
We store our hats and gloves and scarves here in the cubby shelf baskets in the winter time =)

Like I said last time our living room serves as an office for my husband. He has alot of paper work with his new job and will get more and more as he serves more clients. We will have to stay on top of everything so things do not get cluttered!
We had to get nicer printer and fax machine for Chris' job too. He really does read all these book on top of the desk too! I think he is reading like 15 different books right now including My Upmost for his Highest, and lots of Bible dictionary and concordance things in addition to daily Bible reading and his Business books. Chris reads alot!

Underneath the desk he keeps two storage totes and the paper shredder.

This is what was in one of the totes....I was being nosey There are more boxes: one with wires, one with note cards, the other with envelopes containing receipts keeping track of his business expenses, a business CD and Microsoft Office. The other tote had printer paper, folders, and more business books.
I am thankful for a husband who loves to organize even more than me sometimes =)

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