Saturday, January 21, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 4 The Living Room

Our living room is very multi-functional especially since Chris now has his office at home =) I will focus on the office side next time I post. The three things that are out on this side of the living room are the excersaucer, the bookshelf and Entertainment stand.
All we keep on the entertainment shelf is the wii, wii remotes, wii balance board, and dvd player. It makes it much easier to keep up with dusting only having these items out.
Here is a look into one of our black organizing boxes on the book probably guessed there were books in here!!!
I keep a photo album for each child from birth to 2 years old =) I will admit Joshua's is not finished and Rachel's is empty.
The bottom two storage boxes hold the wii accessories, and 3 cd/dvd holding zipper cases that are black and you most likely cannot see in this picture.
On the middle shelf we keep 2 photo albums with the sticky back and pull away clear film to hold larger photos and wallet photo, 2 photo boxes, and a picture frame. I just yesterday organized all the photos in the boxes from 1982-2011!! I also came up with quite a large burn pile (on the right of the photo) mainly from the days before I knew Christ and would never want anyone to see them ever!!

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