Monday, January 9, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 2 The Kitchen Continued

Welcome to part two of my series on home organization read pt. 1 first here

The Refrigerator
Our refrigerator is very nice in that it has ample storage space with 3 sliding drawers at the bottom, 3 slide out shelves and a wine rack that I use for eggs =)
The Drawers
I keep like items together, so baking things in one drawer, utensils in another, cloth items in get the picture.
Can Food
This is pretty easy to organize since most cans are a similar size and shape, I put all the like food together too =)
More Drawers
to the right our "junk drawer" with flashlight, rods, tape, scissors, screwdrivers, pens, pencils, stapler, pencil sharpener and other random things that don't seem to have a category of their own. Then my "cloth drawer" where I store bibs and pot holders =)
Small appliances
I even keep most small appliance off of the counter because it looks cluttered with too many things out. Our kitchen fits everything just right, so I don't have to stare at things I only use once a month =)
I love these cups with the children's names on them so there is never the "this is not my cup, I need to dirty a new one" problem. They only drink water in these cups. The cups are one thing that is constantly on the counter because I want to encourage them to drink as much water as they want =)
All of our children eat right at the bar in the kitchen so most days I never even have to wipe my dining table =)


Liz said...

I really like the cup idea. I should try that. =) Loving the house tour, too!

Logan Family said...

Thanks Liz, I got them from Toy's R US they still have them there =) I even saw some on sale for b1b1 1/2 off. The cups did come with a top and straws...but you know the kids bit the straws to death and cracked the Can't wait to see what your new house will look like or where it will be =)

Anonymous said...

I like the uncluttered look of your countertops (I saw that on Crystal's site too) and I want to try to put everything away in my kitchen but I guess I will have to do more decluttering of the cabinets so everything will fit first! How do you choose which pots and pans to save??? Jenny

Logan Family said...

Hi Jenny =) Thank you for the compliment on my counter tops =)Right now I have 3 pots (small, medium and large) and 3 pans (large flat, large rounded, and small rounded)So 6 total and I never have had all of them dirty at the same time somehow =) They are all in the same cabinet now and are the same brand so I could stack them easily if I wanted to save more space =)