Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Settled in Hampton, VA

When we left Missouri in October this is all that we left with..... some suitcases/airbeds/important papers....etc. Whatever did not fit into our Honda Odyssey we either sold or donated.

So when we got the keys to our rental home we had some serious shopping to do. We shopped craigslist, took some hand me downs and also went to a furniture store, Wal Mart, Target and even Bed Bath and Beyond one night = )

Our first trip I think we had 3 carts We had a good time picking out all of the things we were going to need in our home. We even ran into our pastor's wife who helped me convince Chris to get this colorful flowery =)

It kind of felt like we were newlyweds...except with 5

 Lots of cubbies in the entryway =).

Everything looks beautiful and all organized just the way I like it =). So here are some photos so you can tour our home =). Of course I will do some detailed organizing post soon too =).

Ephesians 3:20
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,


Rhonda said...

Hi Kelly, I am glad you have a pretty new home for your sweet family. It was nice to catch up with you.

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Rhonda =) I am just so thrilled and greatful to have a home again =).

Lindsey said...

You already found a church home?! You did say you ran into your pastor's wife at the store. That is amazing if so!

Kelly Logan said...

Lindsey yes!! We knew what church we were going to join before we moved out here =). We would have stayed right in Missouri despite the circumstances if God didn't have a great church for us in Virginia =).

Lindsey said...

May I ask how you found your church? My husband wants to move and I really worry about finding a church home.

Kelly Logan said...

Really where are you moving from and to? I know this will not sound super spiritual..but we have found most of the great churches we have been blessed to be a part of on the Also I would ask the pastor of your current church if him or anyone else in your church knew of any churches in the area you are looking to relocate to. The current church we are at we had actually visited years ago with my sister so it was a no brainer on this move. If we move to the DC area next year we will join Crossroads Baptist Church...I just love visiting churches and meeting like minded believers and I know God would not put us anywhere that He didn't have a good church home for us...unless he called us to the mission field of course =)