Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rental Home Tour : Downstairs

God has truly blessed us with a beautiful rental property to call home for the next 11 months =). 

 I have a few Christmas decorations up and I am super excited the Ladies Christmas fellowship will be at our home this Thursday!


 Love these bar stools! They were originally $80 each but I got them both for $96 !

This is the most comfortable couch ever!

 This coffee table pops up to create extra dining/school work space when needed.

 Chris bought a smart TV; it is really pretty but I am still learning how to use it!

And our tiny yard! That is all for downstairs =).


Jenn in Indiana said...

Wow! Everything is so spacious and beautiful. I love your kitchen. I bet it is alot of fun getting to buy everything brand new. I would hate to see what you pay for rent though in the area your in!

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Jenn =) I hated to pay rent too...lol!