Sunday, December 22, 2013

7 Things That are Lost When You are Disorganized

One of my sweet friends asked if I would teach an organizing class next week! Of course I said yes and so today after church I sat down and came up with a list of 7 things you may lose due to disorder. You can lose a lot more than just matching! This is not intended to make anyone feel bad.  I myself have lost all 7 of these things at one time or another =)

1) Time- Time is lost when you cannot find things that you need.

2) Space- Space is lost because there is clutter taking it up.

3) Money- Money is lost because you will purchase things you already have.  Additionally things you do have are more likely to spoil or become broken in a cluttered environment.

4) Blessings-Blessings are lost because we will not let go of things to give to those who are in need; because we are in fear of needing it ourselves in the future.

5) Good Relationships- Good relationships are lost as a result of not being dependable to those we love because everything around us is in disarray.

6) Opportunities - Opportunities to serve others are lost because we cannot pull our own selves together.

7) Sanity- Sanity is lost as a result of losing items 1-6.

Here are some examples from my own life!

1) Time: Just this morning I could not find Rachel's other church shoe and so I looked for about 2 minutes and came up with nothing. I had to run upstairs and get another pair of shoes. That cost me about 3 minutes which can make a big difference on Sunday mornings. I still haven't found the other shoe! I think I will go look under the couch after I am done typing

2)Space: In one of our homes we rented I kept this huge armoire in the living room because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. It bothered me the whole 13 months we rented because it took up so much space in the living room!

3)Money: Yesterday my sister was over and asked for some Hummus well she found some mold growing on it sad I know!

4) Blessings: I have two dresses I cannot wear now since I am nursing I know my sister wanted one of them but I don't want to give it to I could possibly be missing out on a seriously I really try to go through our house and see what we can give so often I cannot think of a time I hoarded something someone else could use!

5) Good Relationships: My husband is sometimes very frustrated and I know why.....I let the kids pull some toys down stairs or didn't sweep up after a meal. These are small things I know my husband would like done around the house and so when I don't follow through it causes some strain in our relationship because he feels like I am not dependable all the time.

6) Opportunities: Last night my sister was here and she asked if I would help her daughter start some of her laundry for her and I said you will have to wait until I am done cleaning the downstairs first. As a result her laundry didn't get done and we handed her over half wet laundry this evening she will have to finish somewhere else. When we prepare and clean as we go there is no rush at the end and we should have "free time" to help others without the burden of what we didn't do for our own lives yet hanging over our heads!

7) Sanity: I was in tears last Wednesday because I felt like I just let everyone down because of the stress of letting my family down in not being orderly in waking up on time, exercising, cleaning the bathrooms, .....etc etc.

But Wait there is Good News that I am more than a conqueror through Christ and He will order my steps if I only allow myself to be led by His Spirit and Statutes!


Jenn in Indiana said...

You have 5 children, I think it appears you are doing a great job and should give yourself some grace and cut yourself some slack! It seems like your husband is putting alot of stress on you, he could pick up the broom and sweep, maybe you could lovingly tell him what a blessing that would be to you. Doesn't he feel bad when you feel like a disappointment?

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Jenn =) My husband does help alot! He will get the kids ready many mornings so I can sleep in, get them started on school, clean the kitchen.....I think sometimes there is a bit of a disconnect because I get too many breaks from him and then it appears that I am slacking off when really I was just trying to enjoy the break and had no intent on "making" him do all the work....just part of trying to find a good balance in a marriage with 5 small children =).

Joya Tynes said...

Thank you Kelly for your 7 tips to success in your home. I am truly encouraged by this and I have a copy and I will post to set a standard to live by. Often times as Christian we get caught up in church attendance and soul winning, they are important. However, the ministry begins in an orderly home. I look forward to my growth. God Bless

Kelly Logan said...

Yes I agree we cannot minister to others when we are a mess! just like the bible says to first take the beam in our eye first before we can help our brother take out the mote in his eye =) That applies to everything we cannot give any help to someone with babysitting or home cleaning when our kids are unruly or our home is a disaster area

Martina said...

Loved your post, what an encouragement it was for me and all your points are right on. I still struggle everyday with getting organized. My husband does not really care if the home is spotless, rather if I spend time with my Kids and do things with them, my problem is more that I rather tear the whole house apart in a attempt to organized than to interact with my kids.

Kelly Logan said...

Hey Martina =) Thank you I believe we all struggle with order is some way or another and yes if your husband does not mind the mess then you are right to not fret about it =) Relationships are invaluable. I love my kids and I am so glad I get to teach them at home and spend time with them and the older they get the more responsible and effective they are at cleaning up behind themselves so I am not so burnt out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for doing this series. I am hoping to hear about much to keep for younger kids. General guidelines for how much of each clothing article is needed etc.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what brand of knife set you have. I was looking at your pictures of your home tour and they look like the exact ones I want. Are you satisfied with them? I like that all the knife handles seem to be all stainless, some sets i have looked at are not, or maybe I am just picky!

Kelly Logan said...

Anonymous, my knife set is Faberware from Walmart =) I am satisfied with them, but they are only 2 months old so time will tell how good they really are =).