Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our New Church

We have gladly joined Hampton Roads Independant Baptist Church here in Hampton, VA. We are under the leadership of Pastor Roger Sebrell and are loving it although we miss our family back at Bible Baptist Church in Ash Grove, MO.

There are faithful men and women who serve the Lord and teach our children along with a few handfuls of bus riders.

The children had a walk through nativity scene last Wednesday night.

 Then on Thursday I hosted my very first ladies fellowship =)

 I haven't been here very long but I love each one of these ladies =)
 Mrs. Sebrell gave a great devotion and even had each of the ladies do a testimony based on the type of candy they picked from a box (ex. if you picked Almond Joy you gave a testimony about joy in your christian life)

We played some Bible Trivia for door prizes and had a white elephant gift exchange. We had lots of fun and I must admit I stole most of the ideas for this fellowship from my good friend Jill O' Neil ( pastors wife at Bible Baptist ). I am so humbled that God would surround me with such godly women and that I could glean just a little bit from each of them =). 


Jenn in Indiana said...

You are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful church family.

Kelly Logan said...

Yes in deed God is so good to me =)