Friday, November 8, 2013

A Place to Lay our Heads!

12 Grouper Loop, Hampton, VA
     It is hard to believe we sold our house and everything in it that didn't fit in our Honda Odyssey almost 2 months ago! We have been so blessed to never go one night wondering where we were going to lay our heads! Since my husband is commission only sales, I am a stay at home mom and we have 5 children our rental options were severely limited! We had to pay cash for the the whole year up front plus 2 months security deposit at our rental home but Praise the Lord for His provision! We tried to find some cheaper homes that would be only $1,000/month in a neighborhood that didn't have beer bottles on the ground and people standing around. For that price range we were going to have to cut out square feet. We applied for a home that was only 846 sqft. we were denied because in the state of Virginia each person in a bedroom needs at least 50sqft each. The realtor took us to a few more houses and brought his measuring tape to measure the rooms..... lol. All the while we were staying in my sisters house which is only 800sqft.....we told the realtors this world is not our home and we didn't care for a big home.....but God had different plans once again! We were blessed to find a townhouse that is pretty much new with all the appliances included =). We got the keys yesterday but we are waiting on the power guys to come turn everything on =).  My sweet husband even took us furniture shopping last night =)
The boys are getting a bunk bed with a trundle bed on the bottom so they will all have their own mattress to lay on =). We are trusting God to restore our families finances by the time our lease is up at this rental home!
The last two months of our lives remind me of a scripture about our Savior and how he didn't have his own home during his ministry but still had peace and never murmured against God.
And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.
Praise God for a place to lay our heads!!!!


Jenn in Indiana said...

Wow so happy to hear you found someplace. So you had to pay a whole year in advance? That's rough. I bet that $1,000.00 a month rent is triple of your house payment! What is the sq footage? How does that compare to your previous home? Well, at least with not that many possessions, it shouldn't take long to unpack! Good Luck and God Bless!

Kelly Logan said...

Jenna we had no house payment before, this house is 300 sqft bigger than our 12s00qft. House in MO. =). God is good!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new place Kelly! Bet it feels good to have your own home again. Your boys are sure getting tall.


Lindsey said...

So glad you guys found somewhere to stay! It sounds like there were some stumbling blocks, but really, you found your townhouse quickly. Is it shocking to be back where the cost of living is so high or do the available jobs pay quite a bit more than the Midwest?

Kelly Logan said...

I know the boys are so big it makes me wanna Lindsey the cost of living is not that much more than Missouri in the Hampton Roads area. The DC area is terribly higher which is where we originally thought we were going....but for now we are here for a year anyway! Yes the jobs pay more than the midwest here too =).