Saturday, November 2, 2013

Decently and In Order: My sisters bedroom Before and After

 When we first got to my sisters house this is what her room looked liked. It was the cleanest room in her apartment by far...then when we came back in a few weeks it was the messiest. I didn't get a picture of it though because my OCD husband started stacking and pushing everything against the =)
She had some silver and pink things in her room already and so I decided to get her a throw blanket, bed skirt, curtains and an accent pillow from Target to make everything pretty =).
She has a lot of clothes....
She also likes to keep every box from anything she has ever bought......
5 bins full of photos/ keepsakes = insane! When she comes back from out of town I will have her go through each one and evaluate what is really needed. I also found a ton of photos of our life before Christ that need to be burned in the Praise the Lord there was no facebook back then!

I had a hard time finding pink and grey together, so I bought this pillow and then bought a clip-on flower from the girls hair section.
 Since her closet was full of totes room for shoes in there!
 Lots of exercise stuff!
Her Bibles, journals and pens....and then at the bottom are more cards that she cannot get rid of! She has kept every single birthday card from the last 30 years.....Love my sister though =).

 She has a lot of laundry too (3 different categories of dirty clothes)! One is for work clothes, one for "regular" clothes, and one for towels and gym clothes.....I was tempted to buy her one of those pretty laundry dividers...I was also tempted to do her laundry....but we used up all the =).
 The End =)

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