Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Blessed Estate Sale

Well I have been pretty absent from my blog lately and didn't want to alarm anyone with all the many changes going on with our family but now that things are somewhat settled I can fill everyone in =) When we moved to Missouri 2 years ago we had just recently paid off all of our $65K worth of debt, paid for a home in cash, saved a years worth of living in the bank but most importantly found a great place to serve the Lord at Bible Baptist Church. The only thing missing was a good job to provide for our family....well that only thing missing unfortunately just never came to pass. Despite many applications and advice from church family the jobs seemed to pay about $10/hr. Some even less, my husband went to Dillons and they offered $7.30/hr. Knowing that would not sustain our family of 6/7( after Gideon was born); Chris tried his best to start up a self employed insurance business in some of the rural areas of Missouri. About a year of spending just a few thousand dollars less than what income was made in the business plus providing for daily living expenses we found ourselves going right back into debt =(. We still waited and prayed and waited and prayed for almost another year that God would provide a miraculous increase with a different job or in the current insurance business. We had a couple of bright spots one being an interview with Kraft....but God had different plans for us =). After much prayer We decided to put our home on the market. Just 5 weeks later we had an offer just $900 off of our asking price of $87,900.  Then the question of where exactly we were going and how much moving things would cost came to mind and we just didn't have peace about dropping a couple thousand dollars on moving and storing things considering how fast money can make itself wings and fly away...lol.  We sold everything in our home that did not fit in our Honda Odyssey!

 We sold everything in the kitchen except the juicer!
 We sold lots of clothes, christmas decorations, home decor, bins, books, towels, bedding every piece of furniture!
 All of the lawn equipment and tools had to go as well!

Every toy except the boy's tiny legos and Rachels 2 baby dolls were up for sale!

The things that were leftover which wasn't much considering our sale was on a Tuesday and half a day on Wednesday were donated to Big D's a christian run business who sells used furniture but also takes donations to distribute to families in need all to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! So after about 60 text messages from craigslist, 3 days of back breaking labor(not really lol), and lots of help from church family and neighbors God blessed  us with over $3,000! I do not know how we made that much money but I am forever grateful to God and our many friends! Even our church family was out to help everyday of it with a joyful attitude despite the very real possibility of our family not being able to serve the Lord alongside them this side of heaven.=) Thank you Everyone !!
Special Thanks to.....
Pastor and Jill (helping with the sale/buying lots of our stuff)
The Gohn Family ( buying most of our stuff...lol and helping with everything)
Lindsay Crawford (helping do the final clean before closing and buying lost of stuff)
Cassie Kelleybrew ( Helping final clean before closing)
Jessica and Shaun Banker (buying lots of our stuff)
Jennifer and Steve Bent (making us dinner Tuesday night after a crazy sale day)
Tom and Mary (Buying some big furniture items)
Karey Austin ( Buying so much we could hardly move the trash bag to her car)
Eva Beshears ( our realtor who was there every step of way )
I am sure I am forgetting someone so just thank you to everyone who helped us out!

We are now in Stafford, VA at my in laws They have just finished their 1900 sqft inlaw suite and have rolled our the red carpet for our return =) Please pray for wisdom for our families next move =)

This is a scripture God gave me during the estate sale!
Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! So sorry the job thing never worked out. I have followed your blog ever since your guest post on money saving mom. You are very loving people and I wish your family the best. :-)

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you =) God's ways are not my ways and we give thanks for all the God has provided for our family!

Shelby said...

Aww Kelly I was wondering why you were absent, but Lord willing he has a better plan for you all:) Your a little closer to PA and your organization business has got to come in some where. You rock:)

Kelly Logan said...

Thank You Shelby =) You know I want to drive to PA to go to Hershey Park and the site and sound Theatre...do you live anywhere near there???

Jenn in Indiana said...

Wow so many changes. What is most surprising to me is that it seems you and your husband took this on with a lot of courage, wow to just pick up with 5 children and sell everything and move. I wish I had that kind of courage.

Kelly Logan said...

Jenna....as I look back on the whole thing all I can say is ....but for the grace of God! Just God's grace ;the kids were totally fine with selling all the toys...I had just a little heartache with my scrapbooking items and baskets but quickly got over it =)

Shelby said...

Yes Sight and Sound is 20 min from my house. You will LOVE Sight and Sound. If you go email me:) Richellecucchi@comcast.net. Hershey park is about 40 min. from me. I live in Parkesburg, PA.

Kelly Logan said...

Sounds good Shelby =) My sister took my 3 oldest children last summer but I have yet to go =) Praying God will make a way for our family to get up to PA =)