Friday, October 25, 2013

Decently and In Order: My In-Laws Kitchen

This is the Junk Drawer.

 If you do not clean your drawers out from time to time they will somehow grow trash at the bottom.

I used Glad containers and an ice cube tray to sort out all the packets of sauce.

 This cabinet was not too bad because it had all the same basic categories of food and drink.

 I got a $17 label maker at Wal Mart the other day to use until I get another cricut =).


Anonymous said...

Do they mind all of this organizing your doing?

Kelly Logan said...

Since they opened up their home to us we wanted to be a blessing to them. My mother in law actually told me she would take me up on my offer to organize the kitchen because between work,church and making dinner she really does not have the time =).

Shelby said...

Love it:) How sweet of you Kelly. I am sure she is overjoyed.

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Shelby =) Yes she was very grateful =) My nieces are going to PA this weekend to watch Noah at Sight and Sound and I thought of you =)