Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Decently and In Order: My First Project House!

This 800 Sqft Apartment was bursting at the seams! This family of 3 just moved from a larger luxury apartment in order to save some money....but didn't consider how they were going to save space once they downsized =) Although overwhelming at first most items we unpacked found a home =) The most challenging part was that the boxes packed were not organized so some boxes had kid's toys, kitchen items and office items all mixed in!

 As part of my organizing service I also will throw in some interior design and hang photos and wall decor =).
 A salad dressing fanatic and health supplement enthusiast.....but things were very hard to find!

 Among the chaos there were many of the same items opened because it was believed the extra item had been used already or was missing....hence the 6 jars of organic peanut butter on the side of refrigerator!

 Much Better!
 I loved all the pretty pink baskets and bins this family already had to use!
 Rachel tried desperately to feed all these hungry babies who had been all but forgotten about in a large pop up bin.....
 so we decided to display them right next to a bin of all their bottles and accessories!

Shoes shoes and more shoes! Believe it or not there was actually an over the door shoe organizer where most of these shoes went that had just not been put away!

The back bin is full of just slippers!!

 So in the end the girls room went from this.....to
this =)

I hope you enjoyed these photos =) I am going to go back and finish this home off with some labels and also organize the master bedroom Lord willing!

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