Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye!

 Mrs. Atkins my sweet sweet neighbor from across the street that our dog Brownly had puppies with!

 Mary my partner in crime ....I mean partner in preventing crime in our Neighborhood and making sure neighbors kept up with City of Springfield standards. Without her I do not know if our house would have sold so quickly with all the trash and crime associated with two of the homes right next us!
 Sarah and her two girls from the bus ministry! Love them to pieces!
Lindsay my long lost sister!

Cassie my very funny neighbor and friend! She always makes me laugh!

of course my phone was dying and my camera battery so I did not get any pics from our last night with church family =(
 Amory I love you!
 Manuela Guten Friend!
 The Bus riders!
 Mrs. Aldred!
Of course Brownley was given to a good home but we will miss his little fuzzy self!

I know I forgot alot of people that I will miss but didn't get a picture of before we left like....All of our church family especially Mrs. Young, Ms. Pam, the teen girls, young boys, Mrs. Long, Ms. Kim.........and my favorite of all our pastor's wife Jill O'Neil! 

I will miss all of you guys and can't wait til' we meet again =)


Jenn in Indiana said...

So many changes for your family. My husband and I are in a situation of needing to sell our way to big, pricey home and I find myself so sentimental about things. We would be staying in the same place though! Wow to just sell everything and move that far from everything. I think you are very brave and have a lot of courage. I have lived in the same town my whole life and can't imagine moving. I think your trust in the Lord is awesome. Keep the post coming about your move, I love it.

Kelly Logan said...

Jenn, our country is in tight spot right now. All we CAN do is trust the Lord for our every need. I pray that God will give your family grace and wisdom with what to do next =)