Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Decently and In Order: My In-Laws Pantry

This huge pantry has a ton of storage space.......that just needed a little TLC.

My mother in-law is a master chef and entertainer! She has lots of serving items for large parties!
Plus the bottom of her pantry has many unopened gifts that people have given her ...she may be donating some to our family when we get our own place =).

The food and serving items were all mixed together and you could hardly walk to reach everything!

One whole shelf of just disposable napkins plates and utensils!

She had about 18 boxes of cake mix and 13 jars of frosting!

 Now all the cans have been reunited with their families =)

 Lots of flower vases and candles for table decorating!

 2 baskets full of tablecloths for any occasion!

 I found some random Christmas items that are now all together =)

Look at this box of randomness that didn't belong in the pantry!! My mother in-law had no problem with just donating this instead of trying to find a different place in the house for it all =)


Anonymous said...

Wow that is an AMAZING pantry! You did a great job.

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you! I know I love this pantry....I know alot of ladies that would just love to have this space =)If this was my own I would be in here everyday just admiring all the shelves...lol =)

Kelly Logan said...

You are so funny Lisa! Call me and we can work something out =) We are waiting for Chris' insurance liscense to get transferred over to VA before we head back to Hampton =)