Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cloth Diaper Trial


A very sweet missionary/church planters wife at our church was so kind to give me a stash of cloth diapers last Wednesday night!  Included in the stash were 8 covers and about 30 inserts. So baby Moses has been cloth diapered for one week now except the 1 time Chris changed So far so good. I AM NOT cloth diapering Gideon because 2 year old poop is just not something I am interested in rinsing out at this time .......totally different than breastfed poop. Plus I would need more covers unless I planned on doing laundry everyday. I have been soaking the soiled diapers in a bucket and washing them every 3 days. So that would be about 10 loads of diapers a month. I estimated that at .75 a load that is about $8 extra in power and water bill combined. Costco Disposables are .19 each so about $30  a month vs. $8 a month in extra bills. A savings of about $22  a month to cloth diaper. Plus is makes Moses' butt look really fluffy and cute. .lol. 


Nikki said...

That was nice!!! I love cloth diapering!

Kathy Colley said...

Oh my goodness, Kelly! That baby is sooooo cute!!!

Lindsey said...

Awesome! I love cloth diapering! All the info has been a bit overwhelming at times but I still feel it's best. Hoping you enjoy this new experience. :)