Monday, March 30, 2015

Cloth Diapering Update

So it has been over a month now of cloth diapering
 and I am officially hooked!  Last post I said how I was using a bucket to soak the dirty diapers; well turns out I had a wet bag for laundry included in the diaper stash my sweet friend gave me so I have been using that instead of soaking. I also forgot to consider the cloth diaper friendly detergent! Despite the controversy I have gone with Tide Original powder. I am washing every other day. It takes about 15 minutes to stuff and fold the diapers after washing.

My friend Alyssa gave me a book to read called Changing Diapers! It's a quick read and very informative. There are a kabillion  websites with lots of contradictory cloth diaper advice!

I have also decided it is best to line dry to get maximum use of the diapers. I got a retractable clothes line for the laundry room for a few bucks so I could have it out of the way when I am doing other laundry.
 See you can't even tell we cloth diaper once everything is put away =).

I also bit the bullet in cloth diapering my bigger solid food fed baby....well toddler. I figured if I was going to get the most bang for my buck I was going to need to put 25 month old Gideon into cloth diapers as well!

I didn't have enough diapers with the ones my friend gave me to do that though and I sure didn't want to buy any for $20 and up each diaper!  So I searched online for the best deal......Craigslist wins again! I scored 14 small diapers in case the Lord chooses to bless us with another little one! 23 medium to large diapers, 2 diaper covers, 3 trainers, 2 swim diapers, a travel wet bag, laundry wet bag, diaper sprayer for the toilet, and a roll of diaper liners. All the diapers besides 4 All in ones are Roly Poly a brand on Etsy that retail for $22 each I think. The lady I bought from was very nice she was the only owner and even gave me a demo with toilet sprayer hooked up and all. The retail value for everything I bought is about $1,000. I paid $200 for everything. We should break even in about 5 months and every wash after that is just money in the bank! The only difference in changing Gideon's diapers vs. Moses' diapers is that I put a liner down to catch the poop which work wonderfully unless their is a stomach bug going around.... =)

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Nikki said...

I love cloth diapering too!