Sunday, August 26, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Entertaining Guest in a Small Space!

My sister and her 2 girls came for a visit a couple weeks ago! They stayed for almost 2 weeks. Our home is smaller than the average american family with 4 kids measuring at 1268 sqare feet. How to fit 3 extra people in for 2 weeks.....without having our living room taking over by luggage! There is no spare bedroom and the laundry room is not quite big enough to fit an air So I came up with a great idea....I emptied out our coat closet and made it into a guest closet! I re located the coats to our bedroom closet and the mop and vaccum supplies to the garage temporarily! This is how it turned out!

I put blankets and pillows on top.
Then a laundry bag and gift bags on the hangers!

We made a welcome banner out of an old gift bag.
 Noah is such a gentlmen helping his cousin Jayla  carry her luggage.
Everyone was super excited!

Noah drew some portraits of my sis and nieces on their welcome banner.

Rachel started warming up to having the two divas in the home.

I put some toiletries and goodies and the gift bag =)

How do you guys usually set up your home for guests without a guest room?


Liz said...

Awww, so sweet! So, where did they sleep?

Jenn said...

what sweet nieces! I would like some organizational inspiration on keeping my house picked up on a day to day basis. My house is always immaculate but as soon as children and hubby re-enter, I just don't know what happens and then spend my whole evening getting everything back into order. I think it's great you don't let your small house stop you. My sister and her husband are getting ready to go into major debt for their dream house. They currently have about the same sqft as you and only 3 children, so I think that it's great that you aren't just making excuses, but making it work.

Kelly Logan said...

Liz, they slept on the couch! The girls were supposed to be sleeping on an airbed and well it turned into a moon bounce and =)
Thank you Jenn that is an encouragement! There is a blog out there called large families on purpose and they have 9 kids in under 1200 sqft!!! So I am not complaining at all!