Monday, August 20, 2012

Go Sound the Horn, Strike Up the Choir A Sinner is Saved...

Our computer had the "blue screen of death" and so I have been absent from my blog, but Praise the Lord it is fixed now! Anyway the best news to blog about is that the mother of some of our church bus riders has been taking a bible study at our house with the pastor and his wife, and came to the conclusion she was a sinner and in need of a savior, she prayed and asked God to save her through the blood of Jesus Christ! I am so excited for this woman, she has 5 children who now have a mother who is on her way to heaven. This is especially important to me because her children sometimes tell me they believe she will die soon because she has lung cancer; but God is merciful and has sustained her life thus far to hear and receive the gospel! I am praying God gives her many more years here on earth to bloom into a beautiful child of God. I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross and our family could be a part of this wonderful act of God! It encourages me so much to continue to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

I love this song it is about what could be happening in heaven when someone repents of their sin and calls on the savior!

verse one: 
Could it be that up in heaven, 
God is sitting on his throne 
Anticipating another sinner 
will soon become his own. 
Years of wasted living and 
years of toil and strife 
are just about to be over 
as he receives the gift of life. 

Go sound the horn 
strike up the choir. 
A sinner is saved. 
Saved from the fire 
no more in darkness 
he's received my son 
all heaven rejoices 
that's the value of one 

verse two: 
the holy spirit has been working 
to soften up a heart 
all he needs is a willing servant 
to simply do his part 
can you imagine up in heaven 
the joy there is that day 
as a sinner bows his head to pray 
can't you hear the father say... 

verse three: 
start construction on the mansion 
there on hallelujah street 
he doesn't know yet what is waiting 
when the savior he'll meet... he'll meet 


McMillan Clan said...

Amen! Thank The Lord she got saved!

Anonymous said...


I dearly love that song! It is simply amazing!!

Thank you for being such a bright light on the internet!


Kaycee said...

Wonderful! I am literally shedding tears of joy. God has his hands all over this. He put it in your husbands heart to buy a home debt free. You were willing to yield to HIS will and move away from family so that you could accomplish this. God blessed you with a beautiful home at a price you could pay cash for in a neighborhood in need of your evangelism. Thank you for being a missionary in your own neighborhood.

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Ladies =) I sometimes wondered if maybe we were not supposed to move to Springfield, but now I am sure that God put us here for a definite reason of reaching this woman! Our first encounter with this family way back in October was that they don't believe in God, they are not "church people" and so on. We heard terrible things about their family from neighbors and yet God still put a burden on my heart to keep trying to reach her and go to their home and give them things and encouragement =)I sometimes would have her face in my mind during the invitation at church and pray for her, but I could not rest until I would go over to her home and just tell her that we cared for her and God loved her and finally she came to church and agreed to do the bible studies =)