Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank God for Warranties!

We had 2 really expensive things malfunction in the same week! Our Air Conditioning Unit and our Samsung Dishwasher! I am so thankful that the dishwasher was still under the 1 year manufacturer warranty and the service guy came out and fixed it today free of charge!

Then the air conditioner went haywire and froze over and was leaking inside the utility room!  The previous owners gave us a 1 year home warranty when we purchased the home for them and it only cost us $160 with the deductible and disposal fee! Now everything is back to working order in our home =)....although the toilet in our room has been running and I cannot figure out why?....might be calling the warranty people back I could watch a youtube video on how to fix =)

I didn't even know that part of the AC was inside our home.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Isn't it pretty?

You do remember how ugly the old one was don't you? I know Chris is just as glad as I am that these things were under warranty....although he just might have fixed something with that =)


Rhonda said...

How nice to have those all working with little cost to you. You really need that working AC in this weather.

We lived a very frugal life in the country for 11 years. Once, lightening struck the pump to our well house so we had no water. It happened one month before the 5 year warranty ran out- The company fixed it that morning with no cost to us.
I still remember how thankful I felt.

Rhonda said...
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Kelly Logan said...

Wow, what good timing the Lord has! I would be melting without AC the high for yesterday was 102!