Friday, July 6, 2012

I like Free! Fun things for kids to do for Free in Springfield, Missouri

"Mommy, I want to go to Chuck E Cheese, Can we please go to Chuck E Cheese?"  This is something I have been hearing in my house lately. I love to take my kids fun places. I do not like to spend money just for them to have fun though. I know children just want to spend time with their parents and feel loved and appreciated yet anytime I step foot outside our house it feels like all the fun for kids activities comes with a price tag. My kids are just about tired of the playground down the street and it has been really too hot to spend too much time there anyway.  The last couple days we have been blessed to find some fun things that were free =)
 There was a free train ride running of the 4th of July.
Then the kids posed inside lady liberty.

 There is also a really nice park here in Springfield called the Jordan Valley Park.

 It has running water and water fountains, the kids had so much fun!

 Then we found a really nice Library about 10 minutes from our house. It has a train you can go inside and lots of hands on things for the kids to play with.

Of course Chris came with me to all these places! After all fun things with 4 small kids by yourself can go from fun to frantic in about 30 seconds flat!


The Little Pink Schoolhouse said...

Chuck e cheese has coupons for free 10 tokens (15 if you make a homeschooling report card) that you can print. I just use those and when the kids run out they play in the tunnels and we go home. It usually takes about an hour which is a great little (free!) break! Also Basking Robbins has $1 scoop night on Tuesdays :)

Kelly Logan said...

That is good to know =) I will have to print out some home school report cards and get the birthday token print outs too =) I wonder if that is the Baskin Robbins in the DC area or everywhere?

April said...

tons of free stuff in Springfield...founder's park has free movies at dusk on fridays(family movie) and saturday(date night)..also wednesdays at noon there are various concerts at founder's also. bass pro has family fun camps..Our library is awesome, you can sign up for their reading program and earn a library flip card that has free bowling, treats and more on it. there's also free bowling(2 games a day, not including shoe rental) at 3 of alleys around town...I think this is the site to sign up (we've done it so long they automatically sign us up,lol) here's a post I did one some things