Friday, May 6, 2011

He's Here......He's Gone....

My how the time goes by. Chris came home for 16 days and has already been gone for 3 days.So thankful that he was able to hold his little girl at last. I am so thankful for the time that the Lord gave us to be together; without Chris having to go to work, and nothing to worry about but how we were going to spend time together for the day. So thankful for how God has kept him safe while he was in Afghanistan and how God has kept me sane in 8 months away from him with 4 kids. We made so many memories in the short time he was here, we went out to eat ....alot, went to the movies, Chuck e Cheese, a birthday day party, threw Christian and Joshua a birthday party, had lunch at the Pastors house, went on a run together, and most importantly studied God's word and prayed together. I miss him terribly but have to admit I actually only cried for about 2 seconds when we dropped him off at the airport. I was able to hold it together knowing there were some people starring at us......and that his deployment is 3/4 of the way done and that God is in Control. God uses Chris' deployments for some serious character and strength building for me, and I have seen my sisters get saved at our awesome church her in Virginia. For that I am thankful for his deployment.

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