Monday, February 14, 2011

She's Here! (Rachel Anne Logan's Birth Story)

It all started on Wednesday February 9th around 5:30am, I was woken up by an all too familiar feeling of water leaking. I stood up and went to the bathroom and sure enough it was amniotic fluid coming out in small gushes. Most people would probably think it is time to go to the hospital. I was thinking at this time....sure wish I would have paid $4,000 and got that homebirth midwife. Why ? Well the last two children decided to arrive into this world 17 hours and 2.5 days after my water broke. I made the mistake of going to the hospital right after my water broke and the whole time I was harrassed about getting pitocin from about 30 minutes after getting to the hospial and not making any "progress" (cervex dialating). Then they want to hook you up to the fetal monitor and get mad at you when you move and the monitor moves out of place. These monitors are the worst at picking up contractions for me anyway they are seldom accurate and just annoying! Then they want to "help" you along with some pitocin. Oh how they tell you pitocin is just so natural and something your body makes anyway and has no side effects. Well I happen to believe pitocin has some serious side effects on mom and baby. Then they want to start pumping antibiotics into your bloodstream in case of infection. Then they cut your meals off and tell you not to eat anything but crushed ice and broth. When you refuse their "help" then they are offended and start telling you that you and the baby are going to die if you don't do "something" (take their drugs). Knowing all this, I decided to stay home til any painful contractions started. Nothing happened for the first day and I went to bed and woke up the next day...still nothing. My friend from church brought over an electric breast pump to help my body make some oxytocin. I used this took a nap and then used it again after the nap. My body did start making contractions after the pump and then didn't stop. I needed to shower first and make dinner. Then my sisters came over and needed help on their homework. I realized I could not finish dinner or help them on their homework and so I took my shower and got the bags ready for the hospital. My mom met us at my house and my sister drove my van and followed my friend from church to the hospital. It was rush hour so we didn't get on the highway and it took about a half hour to get to the hospital, I walked up to labor and delivery and went to the exam room, I was 10 centimeters dialated already and then they wheel chaired me over to the labor and delivery room. Rachel was born about 5 minutes later. Her cord was around her neck twice and she was purple when they handed her to me. This accompanied with the nurse yapping in my ear about why I should have been at the hospital as soon as my water broke caused my blood pressure to go up a little but other than that everything went very well =)Praise God for a Natural Drug Free childbirth =)


Heather said...

AWWWWW...that is so wonderful!!! So happy for you:) congratulations <3 ((hugs))

Weavers said...

Yeah Kelly! We learn the hard way sometimes that God can take care of us even without helpful hospital staff. =) I'm praising the Lord that you are well, Rachel is well & you have a daughter!!! BTW, didn't Jacob mary Rachel in the Bible...just saying... =)